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Raunak Chowdhury



Raunak is a freshman at MIT, intending to major in Computer Science and minor in Business Management. He is extremely passionate about the benefits of technology when it is applied to society, as well as democratizing access to tech; to that end, he founded BlockchainsForSchools in July 2018 to spread awareness of blockchain technology after witnessing the generation gap in the blockchain industry in an internship at a blockchain company he had that summer. In his free time, he loves socializing with and meeting people, whether they be friends or new acquaintances, playing Smash or badminton, or working on pet projects.
Fun Fact: Raunak was supposed to be born in 2002, but was born a week early and was born in 2001!

Victor Kuang

Stuyvesant High School


Victor Kuang is a senior at Stuyvesant High School. Victor has a diverse group of interests, such as physics, guitars, and satirical writing. He got his start with blockchain technology after exploring his interest in cryptocurrency. He then joined the 2018-2019 cohort of BlockchainsForSchools to expand his knowledge even further. Currently, Victor helps lead all New York City events in the mentoring department, planning each monthly session of the program.

Rubin Peci


Vice President/Treasurer

Rubin is a freshman at New York University, currently double majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He has been involved in the blockchain space for over 3 years and is extremely passionate about computer science, and the applications it has to the finance industry. Rubin was initially a mentee for BlockchainsForSchools, but became involved in helping the company grow and develop. He also manages the finances for BlockchainsForSchools. In his free time, Rubin enjoys lacrosse, reading, and socializing.
Fun Fact: Rubin is Albanian.

Kaitlin Wan

Binghamton University

Director of Marketing and Logistics

Kaitlin has been interested in computers since the first time she played street fighters. She is amazed by how quickly the technology in our world advances. She aspires to work in the tech field as either a software engineer or a project manager. After graduating Stuyvesant High School where she was involved in the computer science community, she now studies computer science and math at Binghamton University. In the past, she has helped organize many hackathons, like StuyHacks and TeenHacks LI, and would love to continue being involved in the CS community for years to come. At Blockchains for Schools, Kaitlin works in the hackathon department as the general director of marketing and logistics.
Fun Fact: Used to figure skate

Matthew Bilik

Brooklyn Technical High School

Hackathon Sponsorship Director & Web Dev Department Head

Matthew is a junior at Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene. He has extensive experience organizing events, hosting three hackathons with a total attendance of over 300 persons. In doing so, he has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Bloomberg, establishing strong relationships with corporate sponsors. He currently leads hackathon sponsorship efforts at BFS and is the Web Dev department head along with Raunak. When he is not working on BFS or my own computer science nonprofit, you can find him working on his research, programming, or chilling with friends!
Fun Fact: Matthew in the midst of starting a band and listens to a lot of indie music!

Jeffrey Yu


Hackathon & Logistics Lead

Jeffrey is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Economics and Computer Science. He has been organizing hackathons for over four years now and is the founder of TeenHacks LI. He believes hackathons provide a unique environment to experiment in computer science that is vital for capturing the interests of students from all fields. He is excited to be helping plan Blockchains for Hacks and be a part of this amazing team.
Fun Fact: Fun Fact: Jeffrey has never had Fiji water.

Zoe Wong


Hackathon Outreach Member

Hello, my name is Zoe Wong. I am currently a freshman at MIT and I plan on majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I am interested in studying artificial intelligence as well as robotics. As a member of the BFS Outreach department, I want to make our wonderful opportunities to learn Blockchain technology more known to high school and college students.
Fun Fact: I love coffee! But sometimes, I drink sparkling water to stay awake! :))

Brandon Nydick

Collegiate School

Mentorship Program Staffer

Brandon has been a competitive chess player since he was six years old. He also plays a lot of tennis and loves to surf. His favorite subjects are History and English. At BFS, he works as a staffer in the Mentorship Program, helping to organize educational events that connect high-school students to professionals in the blockchain industry.
Fun Fact: Brandon was born in Hong Kong.

Liam Lee Kitt

Loyola School


Liam is really into coding and took multiple programs at Columbia School of Engineering for it. He focuses on Python and Arduino programming.
Fun Fact: Liam loves free hand rock climbing

Yulin Zheng

Stuyvesant High School

Head of Mentoring Program

Yulin is a fun lad who does fun stuff. He organizes the mentoring program sessions along with Victor. He also does not believe that water is wet.
Fun Fact: There is a difference between ground coffee and instant coffee. Yulin had the unfortunate experience of not knowing that for some time.

Ahmed Sultan

Stuyvesant High School

Head of Design

Ahmed has a wide variety of interests—ranging from computer science and technology, to finance and economics, to design and even international relations—but joined the Blockchains For Schools family in order to learn more about blockchain technology, which he feels is a field with so much potential. Currently serving as the Head of Design for BFS, Ahmed is eager to continue working and learning more about blockchain while helping the organization grow. Outside of BFS, Ahmed is the Secretary-General of his school's Model UN team, an editor for the school newspaper, and a director for StuyHacks.
Fun Fact: Ahmed plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitively

Kazi Jamal

Stuyvesant High School

Web Development Member

Kazi is a high school senior that is passionate about computer science. He loves programming, software development, and web development. Along with software, he is interested in computer hardware, so he builds and repairs computers as a hobby. He also enjoy graphic design and video editing. At BFS, He is a part of the web development team and he is helping to design and develop the website.
Fun Fact: He loves retro video games, and own an Atomic Purple Game Boy Color.

Abir Taheer

Stuyvesant High School

Web Development Member

Abir loves working on side projects of all kind, whether it be programming his roomba to change direction using his voice or making an online cards against humanity game. Another one of his side hobbies is photography and he loves going out to new places and shooting with his friends. At BFS, he's on the web dev team and he works to improve the website, adding functionality as well as making it sleeker.
Fun Fact: His go-to silly word is Banana.

Lin Zhang

Northeastern University

Outreach Member

I am a Cellular & Molecular Biology major on the pre-med track. I am a part of the outreach division at BFS responsible for contacting other schools/organizations and recruiting new members to the program.
Fun Fact: My favorite food is potatoes, in any shape or form.

Angélique Charles-Davis

Stuyvesant High School

Head of Outreach

Angélique is a member of Stuyvesant's Class of 2020, and enjoys studying computer science, math and creative writing. She is also a competitive sprinter, writes humor for her school newspaper, and tutors middle schoolers. Angélique is thrilled to be working on the outreach team, working to spread BFS' important program to as many students as possible.
Fun Fact: Angélique would kill a man for a good bowl of fried rice.

Safwan Almobin

Bronx High School of Science

Outreach Member

I am passionate about the field of computer science. Ever since I was little I aspired to become a computer science engineer when I grow up. After finding Blockchains For Schools, my interest had expanded even further. After going to multiple workshops, I fell in love with this organization. Now being apart of this team makes me feel even more special.
Fun Fact: I love playing Basketball

Harry Li


Outreach Member

Is our imagination the only limitation to technology? Or is it the other way around? That is the question I want to answer.
Fun Fact: I have 20 dogs.

Samiul Hoque

The Bronx High School of Science

Marketing Lead

I'm currently a senior at BxSci, and I plan to major in Computer Science. I love to problem solve and bring people together so we can solve complex problems together to make the world a better place. As market lead of BFS, I develop strategies to help the tech community get more involved with BFS. Our biggest marketing project so far is our campus ambassador system, where we gather passionate tech students to increase blockchain and BFS awareness to their institutions.
Fun Fact: I love music and want to be a famous jazz musician as a side job.